Working @ Petronash

Challenges Abound

We drive Oil wells that drive the world economy. We make niche equipment that is used in Oil and Process industry. To continually improve this process, we are looking for dynamic men and women.

The work is invigorating and keeps the mind on edge. If you are the kind that would like to explore the frontiers of innovation and continual challenges, Petronash FZE may be ‘the’ place for you.

Founded on the principles of technical excellence, our visionary ideas have taken us far from the shores of UAE to places around the world. Establishing ourselves in Oman, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Malaysia, India and Milan has been a journey that you would have enjoyed being a part of.

The journey is well and truly in its prime run. Come and join us to share the opportunities and carreers that this journey opens up.

Training has been a major impetus firing up the imagination of each individual and the teams. On-the-job training program is inclusive, will challenge and make you a part of the project right through.

The day you join, you are an active member of the team.

Career Path

Your career path is well and truly opens on the day you join the team.

Orientation to the company and your role in the team starts on the day of joining. Meeting the HOD’s will give you an insight into the working of each unit within the team and will give the impetus for continuous honing of the process so that your knowledge quotient is complete, total and well rounded.

Interacting continuosly with mentors, counseling, monitoring and helping will see your creative juices flowing in the right direction to achieve results in line with the teams’ aim and collective effort.

Yearly appraisals will ensure that you climb the ladder of success in a well established grading system that leads you on, in a gradual steady rise in the scheme of business at Petronash FZE.

Increments and Bonuses are purely based on performance, which is rewarded in its essence through enhanced C & B and promotion from within the team.