Chemical Injection Packages


Multi-Compartmental tank Packages


This type of chemical injection skids is most suitable at offshore platforms where there are severe space constraints and a need for injecting different chemicals at the same location. Different types of chemicals can be stored in different compartments of the rectangular tank which can be placed on the same skid base frame. Each compartment of the tank has a separate set of pumps (single or multi-head), valves and instruments. Controls for the whole system can be integrated into one system. Skid size and cost benefit can be better achieved in this package, compared with a conventional type of skid.

Key Features

  • Multi-Compartmental tank for storing different chemicals.
  • Can be designed with single/multi-head pumps.
  • Highly compact and cost-effective design suitable for offshore and FPSO applications.
  • A great value addition in offshore installation by saving space.