Early Production Unit (EPU)

As part of its broad portfolio, Petronash engineer, manufacture and supply EPUs on a turnkey basis. The EPUs are designed to operate remote and marginal fields. A typical EPU comes with all packages required for operating a well, as listed below:

  • Production& Test manifold
  • Heater treater skid
  • Export oil storage vessel& transfer pump skid
  • Utility instrument air package
  • Flare KOD package
  • Flare package
  • Purge flow meter skid
  • Chemical injection package
  • Wellhead control panel
  • Loading arm
  • Gas generator (GEG)/ Diesel generator (DEG) package
  • Fuel gas system
  • Shutdown valves
  • Fire water pump
  • Nitrogen bank
  • Solar panel with battery back up

All packages are installed and interconnected on site. Each package is designed and manufactured with complete instrumentation, valves, piping/ tubing interconnections and electrical interfaces to minimize installation and interfacing work on site.

EPUs can be custom designed, based on the availability of produced gas/GOR and the various characteristics of each well/client. Petronash also produces standard EPUs to suit multiple wells/fields.

EPUs offer a wide range of benefits, which include, but are not limited to,:

  • Plug and play system
  • Early production
  • Low-cost development, making marginal fields viable for production
  • Transportable to deploy after each marginal field is exhausted
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Reduced installation/civil work on site due to modular construction
  • Single source of supply, instead of various purchase orders & civil contracts.