Quality & Certification

The consistent quality and effective functioning has earned Petronash the following certifications:

  • ISO
  • ASME

At Petronash, we are  committed to identify customer requirements and provide top-quality products and services complying with international codes and standards.

We continually endeavor not only to meet, but also surpass customer expectations, using our strong and structured Quality System. In  doing so, Petronash continually improves its technical capabilities, shop floor work processes, material selection and use through effective, focused and planned training.

For us,quality is measured in terms of successful performance of processes, such as excellence in design, material suitability, manufacturing compliance, workplace efficiency, safety and cleanliness, timely delivery and business process effectiveness.

Petronash welcomes any feedback or suggestions from employees, customers or suppliers which can help us enhance quality, increase productivity and positively contribute to the environment or the workplace.