Research & Development

Research and development is one of the means by which business can experience future growth by developing new products or processes to improve and expand their operations.

In today's competitive environment, the companies that succeed will be those which develop products that satisfy customer needs in terms of quality and workmanship better than the products of their competitors that too when these products are being important part of the main equipment company manufactured as OEM.

After establishing itself as a successful manufacturer of specialized Oilfield Equipment, Petronash set up a dedicated R&D unit to fine tune its products and streamline the quality of products that is delivered by it.

The main objectives of this in-house R&D is to...

  • Maintain the quality and workmanship in line with customer requirements
  • Avoid dependency on sub-vendors for small components.
  • Control the overall delivery of the packages or panels.
  • Maintain competitive advantage.

Petronash is having full competency to design, develop and manufacture various engineering products and components in a thorough professional manner giving it a competitive advantage.

A dedicated team of experienced professionals are part of this product development activities. When the products are taken for design and development, in-depth market analysis, in-house consumption pattern, design & engineering analysis are being conducted.


3D modelling, static analysis, thermal analysis, flow analysis and product detailing are done for the product using latest software.

Prototype for each product is manufactured and tested thoroughly in a state of art manufacturing facility to ensure the technical requirements and product functionality is fully met.

We have separate team of engineers to take care of the mass manufacturing of the products according the customer requirements once prototyping is successfully completed.

Currently Petronash is having full capability and facility to manufacture products such as level gauges, calibration pots, Y-strainers, hydraulic filters, Accumulators, Manifolds, Pulsation Dampers., etc. However, the ultimate goal of this R&D team to develop all components required to complete Petronash Global product offering.